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Drive your truck across the UK! 7 types of trucks, over 60 types of cargo, 18 major cities connected
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21 December 2012

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Simulation games are the ideal games which portrays almost all activities pertaining to real life where users get the chance to replicate various activities that they use to perform in their actual life. These types of games are a perfect abode for people who would like to do tasks that they are unable to do in real life. A simulation game can be used for training, analysis and prediction purposes and there is usually no definite goal in it. Most simulation games involve building and collecting things along with communication with various online characters and living in a virtual society. UK Truck Simulator 1.06 is one such simulation game where you can play the role of a truck driver regularly plying on UK roads and transporting goods from one place to another.

The trucks that are present in UK Truck Simulator are primarily inspired by designs from 7 different truck manufacturers. Like real life the trucks you will be driving holds licenses from MAN and basically your job will involve delivering cargo between 18 big cities of UK which are connected with each other through a major motorway. You can choose from over 60 different items to load and transport. In the game you can start your career as an employee of a transport company and later with your hard work can buy your own truck and start your own business. You can also purchase garages and set up branches across UK to accommodate your growing fleet. Moreover, you can also upgrade your trucks to keep them in better shape. While playing the game you can also enjoy the scenic beauty of various locations around UK.

To conclude, Truck Simulator 1.06 is indeed a great simulation game which allows the user to experience the life of a truck driver and work hard to grow your transport business. This game deserves a rating of four points due to its superb graphics and most importantly for offering an interesting gaming experience.

Publisher's description

Get behind the wheel of trucks inspired by real designs from 7 major European truck manufacturers, including official license from MAN. Deliver cargo between 18 major UK cities connected by major motorways. Pick from over 60 different loads. Start your career as an employee of a cargo transportation company, work hard to be able to buy our own truck and start your own business. Purchase garages and setup branch offices across the UK to accommodate your growing truck fleet. Upgrade your trucks and keep them in top conditions for maximum efficiency. Drive across a realistic depiction of the UK, visit its beautiful cities, choose from over sixty kinds of cargo, and deliver them on time! Grow your truck fleet and hire the most experienced drivers to build up your business!
UK Truck Simulator
UK Truck Simulator
Version 1.32
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